Kitten and a Green Frog ! Sweeetttttt

Oh sooo sweeeetttt Kitten hugging a green frog.
This photo is not owned by me. But, I shared this photo because the cute little kitten appears.
Can't say anything about the green one. Hahaha!

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A Kitten Pick a Fight with Black Dog! Funny

Poor black puppy :((
He got bitten by a kitten. 
Funny Photo as usual.

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Kitten : Ohhh... i'm so sleepy right now, lemme sleep tight yawn

'Don't sleep away this night my baby .... 
Ahahahahaha I Love Kitten !
Covered by blanket, sleep and dreaming all day long
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A Cat Walking

A cat walking on the grass :))
Nice pic and composition, even the cat is like village cat in my town.
Not a big deal though !
Honestly, I love the thick tail.
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Kitten and The Globe | Funwithcats

Cute kitten sitting near the globe.
I wonder if I could bring it travelling around the world.
Would be a nice trip !
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